[Letter of 1878 July 27]


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[Letter of 1878 July 27]




African American fathers
Fathers and daughters
African American Christians (Disciples of Christ)


Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Philadelphia, July 27 1878/ Dear Caddy:/ I have no doubt but what/ you have been wondering what has/ been the matter here, since you wrote/ last week, seeing that you have been/ kept all this while in suspense with re-/gard to an answer, especially as you/ needed a little material aid./ It would be hard to guess how many/ good intentions I have had to write,/ but untill[sic] this moment something/ has always prevented. However, I hope/ you have suffered no loss from my delay./ In future, I will try & do better./ Indeed, to do right is that that[sic] con/cerns me chiefly, as I am so fully/ convinced that right doers only/ will succeed in the end./ You will find enclosed a five/ dollar bill as per request in your/ letter of last week./ Dr. Rosell, poor man, has/ paid the debt at last. On Friday eve=/=ning about 6 oclock of last week,/ while standing at the window looking/ at the shower, and planning after it/ abated to walk out, a fit of coughing/ came on, blood soon appeared which/ indicated [hemorrhage?], and in five/ minutes life had departed -/ The funeral took place on Monday/ afternoon and he was quietly laid/ in his grave to there rest untill[sic] the/ morning of the resurrection - I am/ not aware that his views with regard/ to time or eternity; life or death,/ underwent any change, or that he had/ any hope in Christ for his salva=/=tion - In this particular his end has/ made me feel sad for him. How/ men venture to live and meet/ their Creator without any special prep/=aration for that great day of accounts./ It is indeed sad to live & die without a/ saving knowledge of christ[sic]. It may/ be thought lightly of now but it will/ I doubt not hereafter be looked upon/ in a very grave light when too late./ We are all well – Ella/ it[sic] at [La mokin?], and today Robbie/ goes to his uncle James, to spend a/ while, now the Sunday School has been/ on its [excurtion?]. Will is at Home/ although he never turns his back/ against a picknick as I am aware off./ Your affect. Father/ W. Still/